About us

We’re the Harper Siblings, Gem, Oscar and Ali.

Born and bred in Hawke’s Bay “Wine Country”, inevitably vino is in our blood! With passionate wine drinking parents, it was impossible not to learn a thing or two about the craft and enjoyment of a quality bottle of blanc or rouge over time.
Littlest Bro Ali, whose “brainchild” this website is, has worked in the industry for a number of years, and during this time, witnessed first-hand the struggle for wineries, of creating sales in such a competitive environment, while still making a decent margin.
Entered big sister Gem, a guru in the big corporate game and now looking for the next opportunity. Here is where things started to become obvious to us.
Add to this Oscar, the returning-home-yachtie, looking to invest in something epic, it became a no brainer. “Harpers Wine Market” was born.
Our model derived from the idea of supporting local New Zealand wineries, by creating a sales channel where they keep almost 100% profit margin, and by not being exclusive - meaning we welcome any winery to sell their product through our store.
Additionally, we also want to offer wine-drinking-Kiwis the best buying experience in the market, with a range of wines you could only dream of finding in your local wine store or supermarket - from well-known brands, through to the small boutiques, hidden in the back blocks of rural New Zealand. This gives customers the satisfaction that they know they’re directly supporting the producer (the winery) with their purchase, and helping the winery to keep creating their wonderful product for years to come.
We then asked ourselves, where do Kiwis love to go and buy local produce? What supports local Kiwi producers? A Farmers Market! So, welcome to our “Wine Market”.
Take your time, enjoy your time, but most importantly enjoy your wine! And remember - we’re here for both the consumer and the winery, and this is just the beginning, so all feedback to help us grow in the right direction, and improve the experience for all, is gratefully received!